Consumer Engagement & Access to Care

To improve patient access, 18luck新利官网利app和提供者组织必须超越传统的护理模式,采用创新的战略重新设计如何, when, and where care is delivered.

获得医疗保健是人口健康的基础. Yet actually
continues to elude health systems and provider groups. 要充分解决人口的健康问题,就需要保健18luck提供者和组织积极地重新审查其保健18luck战略,并采取新办法扩大获得18luck的机会.

As patients demand seamless access to care, 基于价值的护理和人口健康倡议要求更多的患者提供者参与, 我们与全国各地的组织密切合作,设计和实施创新的患者获取策略. By focusing on care model innovation, operational improvement in care delivery, technology enablers, and virtual platforms, 我们的团队帮助创建和制定策略,允许供应商团体:

  • Retain patients within the network.
  • Expand market reach.
  • Increase patient engagement and clinical adherence.
  • Lower the total cost of care.
  • Improve clinical and operational performance.

病人的健康需求和期望在不断变化,医疗机构提供医疗18luck的方式也在不断变化. 我们的专业知识和经验使我们能够帮助您更好地满足人群的需求和您组织的目标.


  • Consumer engagement operating model design.
  • 18luck新利官网利app计划优化和能力管理.
  • Network referral management.
  • Contact center design and optimization.
  • 跨18luck新利官网利app的集中式18luck组织.

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